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Martel Event’s mission is to come alongside brides and their families and provide them with a seamless planning process and innovative design with a hands-on approach.


Having never met anyone with my name (pronounced Mary-Lisa), I sometimes felt outside the norm, but always appreciative of unique stories. Growing up in New Jersey and living in the south has certainly built a fun balance of northern roots and southern hospitality, which I believe helps me be passionate and comfortable in endlessly new situations.

“I guide my clients through the planning process with kindness and efficiency.”


My primary goal is to ensure that your honest celebration takes center stage, and that the aesthetics only enhance that. From the start of the planning process I will guide you in logistics and design (because I believe they work hand in hand) to make certain your event runs seamlessly, and represents a beautiful depiction of your relationship and your style.

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Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner and wedding lover, I want my brides to feel special on their big day. By being both a designer and planner, I hope to make my bride’s vision become a reality. I start by learning everything about the couple and use that to draw inspiration for the atmosphere for their big day. Then, we tackle the planning. We will perfect every detail until we are sure everyone is on the same page about your vision for the day. After designing process, I offer full-service planning. We can plan everything from anticipated guest count, the space for the wedding, and the various vendors you need. As a wedding planner, I believe in backup plans to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Brides are all unique and therefore we accommodate to whatever they need. My goal as a wedding planner is to ease the process for the bride and groom and let them celebrate and enjoy their day. I hope to do all it takes to make your dream vision come true.