Often brides wonder if a full service planner + designer is the right fit for them, especially if they want to be involved in the planning process. My role and purpose is always to guide with gentleness and ease, never to commandeer someone’s vision because the foundation of my process is your love story. My intention is to come alongside your planning journey to ensure that an honest celebration takes center stage, and that the aesthetics enhance that. In other words, I am fully aware that this is an extraordinary life event with the utmost meaning (not an 8-hour-long photo shoot). From the start of the planning process I guide couples in both logistics and design to make certain their event runs seamlessly and represents a beautiful depiction of their relationship and style.

extraordinaryAs I mentioned in my bio, my background of experience was built on logistics which is why from the beginning of our partnership we prioritize those needs before diving too far into design. We discuss your anticipated guest count with the dimensions of the venue, outdoor space (or tent!), ensuring size and quantity of tables, chairs, food stations, bars, etc will allow for best flow both practically, aesthetically and financially. The majority of my clients have intense work schedules or are planning remotely and I fully understand that they are not looking to make wedding planning a full time job. I thrive on being able to offer a planning experience that alleviates stress so my couples have time to truly enjoy their engagement and focus on the most important detail of all – building the foundation to their sacred marriage. In offering this tailored experience, I only take on 6 events per year in Georgia and throughout the southeast at overall wedding budgets of $60k+.

The design process begins with me listening to you about the story of your relationship, your family traditions, your favorite date spots, your quirky pets, your personal style and much more. We collaborate together on key words that portray how you want to feel, vision boards for the mood you want to set, and overall priorities so I have the best understanding of what’s most important to you. From there I create a custom design plan complete with inspiration images, color palette and layout of the entire event. Throughout the process we hone these details until the final product outlines all of the selected aesthetic elements- from attire to flowers, paper goods to linens, decor and lighting to place settings, signage, favors and more. The design plan is also shared with your curated team of vendors to ensure everyone is fully equipped to bring your vision to fruition!

Photography by Odalys Mendez