Creative Mentoring

While the event industry (perhaps like most industries) can feel cut-throat, competitive, or isolating my heart is to build strong relationships with fellow creatives and cultivate a safe place to honestly share the joys, pitfalls, victories and defeats of entrepreneurship as it pertains to building an event planning brand.

For the last two and a half years I have had the honor and privilege of working as a creative mentor for Sarah Chancey’s intern and associate planner program for Chancey Charm. Working with over half a dozen women living all over the country as they begin their wedding planning careers has affirmed my belief that sharing (not hoarding) our knowledge and experience makes us all stronger, smarter and a better fit for the demands of the ever-evolving event planning world.

If you are a fellow planner seeking a creative mentor, or are involved in the wedding industry and would like to partner on an upcoming project, I would love to connect!