Vinings GA Wedding Planner

Vinings GA Wedding Planner

Hello! I’m Marilisa, owner of Martel Event based in Atlanta, Georgia. I found my calling to be a wedding planner and designer over 6 years ago, and it is my goal to provide steady guidance throughout the fun of engagement! Your honest celebration should always take center stage, the aesthetics that I design should only serve to enhance it. I believe that logistics and design work hand in hand, which is why from the start of the planning process I will guide you through to make sure your event runs smoothly and represents the beautiful story of your relationship and style.

Solid logistics are another important element to the wedding planning process, and from the very beginning we coordinate your anticipated guest count with the dimensions of the space or tent, ensuring size and quantity of tables and chairs allow for the best flow both practically and aesthetically. Since a lot of the Vinings weddings I plan are outdoors, we can also discuss and develop fluid “back-up” plans that feel as perfect and as well planned as the original.

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Vinings GA Wedding Planner

As a small oasis right outside of Atlanta, Vinings offers a beautiful background to intimate southern weddings. One of my favorite venues, The Pace House, offers a beautiful venue that can transform into the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Featuring a parlor, dining hall, and a bridal suites, The Pace House is located in the heart of Vinings close to interstates, hotels and shopping. The warm and rustic atmosphere is sure to leave your guests with a heart as full as yours. The Georgian Club is another popular venue in this neighborhood that offers a variety of reception packages to make sure your wedding is tailored perfectly to you. The venue offers floor to ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding cities, and a perfect place to host a breathtaking couple. I am inspired by these spaces that are filled with thoughtful details, and designs that are fresh, calming, friendly and timeless.

With a planning background built on logistical expertise, I believe that solid logistics are the foundation to a beautiful design. From the very first meeting, we coordinate your anticipated guest count with the dimensions of the space or tent, ensuring size and quantity of tables and chairs will allow for best flow both practically and aesthetically. Since some Vinings GA weddings involve outdoor receptions and ceremonies, we will collaborate a “plan B” that is just as perfect as the first.

In every step, my role is to simply guide you and offer a planning experience that alleviates stress so that you have time to truly enjoy your engagement. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I would so love to hear about your love story.

Vinings GA Wedding Planner

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My job as your wedding designer and planner is always to gently guide you through the process, never to hijack your vision. I love first hearing about the story of your relationship and the special quirks that come along with it. Incorporating these specialities into keywords about how you want to feel, vision boards for the mood you want to set, and budget priorities is the next step in planning your dream wedding. I always coordinate with your chosen group of vendors in Sandy Springs to ensure fluidity and that no component is neglected.

Throughout the process we will continue to hone the design until the final product outlines all of the aesthetic elements-from attire to flowers, paper goods to linens, decor and lighting to place settings, signage and favors. The planning process is always built on logistical expertise as I believe that your design would be impossible without it. From the very start we coordinate your anticipated guest count, with the dimensions of your space or tent, ensuring size and quantity of tables and chairs will allow for best flow both practically and aesthetically.

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FAQs About the Wedding Planning Process


I pride myself in offering full service planning for your Atlanta wedding which means the number of times we meet, chat on the phone or communicate via e-mail is unlimited. While communication through e-mail is weekly (if not daily during some portions of the planning) our in person consultations are always at your convenience of location and timing. My office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am EST to 5:00pm EST. Weekends are typically reserved for events and family time, but I fully understand when exceptions need to be made for weekend appointments. Beyond our planning meetings, I am always in attendance for consultations with venues, caterers, florists, rentals, decor, invitations, attire, etc.


Of course! One of the very first steps in our planning process is sitting down together to create a budget based on the scope and scale of your Vinings GA wedding. Pricing for my services is based on these elements so we build that cost into the budget as well. We also discuss your priorities and which areas are most important to you and for guest experience. These priorities serve as a guide while I create an itemized proposal of realistic estimates for every facet of the wedding or event. Using our online planning tool, we update the budget throughout the planning process from estimates to actual costs, payments made and a schedule of remaining balances due.


Absolutely. When we first chat, Skype or sit down together, we will discuss who your key decision maker will be. This person, whether you or a family member, will have the final say on all decisions in regards to budget and aesthetics.


It’s my pleasure to take this burden off my clients! I handle everything from wood staining, invitation stuffing, welcome bag assembling, gift tag stamping and favor wrapping. It’s another reason why I only work with a limited number of clients per year – to ensure I have the time and space to handle these personal-touch projects for my busy clients.


By no means- I love working with new people and new spaces! My trusted list of preferred partners is curated from working with seasoned professionals on multiple Vinings GA weddings. It consists of who I believe is the best of the best because of the experience they give my clients in the planning process and on the day-of. Those strong relationships help save my clients both time and money.

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I feel thankful to have a job I truly love and am always excited to join couples and their families through such a special season of life. If you are interested in my services above, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!